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Yarrow Cosmetic Bag


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Perfectly sized to hold all your beauty essentials on the go, this zip-up cosmetic bag has a super wide opening to fit everything from your fave brushes or your must have eyeshadow palettes. Never leave your must-haves at home again.

“Yarrow is all about the wild and fragrant bounty of the harvest. Ripe strawberries thrive in cottage gardens, ready to be plucked and enjoyed.” – Phoebe’s Style Notes

  • Generously sized to hold all your beauty essentials
  • Water-resistant lining to combat unfortunate spills and messes
  • Finished with a playful tassel, because we just love fun detailing


Measures 21 x 31 x 12cm

Hydrangea, Cantaloupe, Milk, Paprika, Perilla, Caraway, Freesia, Bay Leaf, Spearmint

Made from cotton + water resistant lining