Doing Our Bit

We pride ourselves in trying our best to "do our bit" for mother Earth.

We pledge by the end of 2020, all our imported Exotiq range of furniture will be made from 100% recycled timber. This is a topic very close to our hearts.

Over the past 12 months, we have already moved to both designing and manufacturing our timber pieces from 100% recycled wood. Something we have worked very hard to achieve, and are very proud of. We are all about Slow Design.

In store, the changes we have made are: we no longer provide shopping bags to our customers, we will help you to your car. Ceramic coffee cups provided in store in our coffee shop.  We have installed solar panels on our roof and power timers to reduce our consumption. Where-ever its possible and good, we re-use all packaging materials from our suppliers, rather than purchasing new. 


Climate change is a fact. And we’re proud to be doing our own little bit.