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Cushion Florentine Cherry


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Artful pattern clashes and romantic, retro-inspired textures bring a comforting heirloom feel to this statement linen cushion you’ll cherish for years to come.

“Delicate botanical prints contrast with bold geometric detailing to create a timeless statement piece with a distinctly nostalgic twist. Textural ruffle edges, artisanal hand embroidery and vibrant, clashing colours give this plush and playful cushion a lived-in feel that brings together any pillow stack.” – Phoebe’s Style Notes

  • Hand-embroidered detailing adds artisanal flair and an instant heirloom feel
  • Ruffle edge for a reinvented vintage look
  • High-quality feather insert for that super-soft cushion feeling

Measures 60 x 60cm + ruffle
milk, blue bell, madeira, cherry, sherbet, mauve
Made from European flax linen and hand embroidery detail + feather insert