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Art Print Nova Arch Giclee


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The warm grey tones form a neutral backdrop for the intense pink and peach hues enhancing their vibrancy and strength on the picture plane. The name ‘Nova’ was chosen for this artwork, a Latin word meaning new, a star suddenly becoming thousands of times brighter and then slowly returning to its original state. The artwork is grey and tonal however refreshing and new with a suggestion towards an intense inner light. This artwork stands beautifully on its own or hung as a diptych (two panel artwork) with Terra Arch.

This artwork is available as a one off original piece or as a limited edition giclee print. The original artwork is painted with oils on Italian linen and framed in raw oak. The limited edition giclee print is available in a range of sizes and framing options and limited to 50 editions.

45.5 x 30cm